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Why Are My Indoor Plants Turning Yellow?

Why Are My Indoor Plants Turning Yellow?

Why are my indoor plants turning yellow? We get asked this question a lot and it is one of the hardest questions to answer because there are so many different reasons. If your plant's leaves are yellow it means they are stressed out so to fix the problem we need to find what is stressing your plant babies out. 


Inspect your plant with a magnifying glass, see if you can see any signs of life... look for little critters running around on the leaves, droppings, holes in the leaves anything that points to something living there. If you find signs of life Eco Neem Oil is a perfect product which will control various sucking and chewing pests such as caterpillars, grubs, aphids, mites, mealybugs and fungus gnats. 

Too much water: 

If your leaves look yellow and wilted cut back your watering regime. If that doesn't help check your soil condition, that your pot has drainage holes and if it is planted in free draining soil. You can do a quick test to see how well the soil drains by watering and watch how quickly or slowly the excess water leaks out of the drainage hole. If its slow add some sand (make sure it is salt-free) to your soil and repot. 


Not enough water:

If your leaves are yellow, dry and crunchy your baby is dying for a drink. Step up your watering regime! If they are super crunchy, some of those leaves may not recover. Don't worry cut them off and you should get new ones shooting up. 

Not enough sun: 

If your leaves are droopy and faded it might need a bit more sunlight in its life. Move your plant to a well lit, bright area in the house. If close to a window just make sure the sun is not too harsh, it can act like a magnifying glass and burn those babies. 


Give these tips a go and if none of that works you might need a bit of extra help... get in touch with us and we will be happy to help out. hello@plantsinabox.com.au

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