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Why Put Plants in Classrooms? They Create Calmer, Happier Kids

Why Put Plants in Classrooms? They Create Calmer, Happier Kids

Plants are starting to find their rightful place in Aussie classrooms. We love this news, big time.

Researchers have found that plants in the classroom don’t just look nice, they absorb toxins from the air, boost learning, well-being, and reduce childhood anxiety.

Let’s put our hands up to more plants in schools.

Teachers Dig Plants and Calmer Classrooms

Backing green fingered teachers are an initiative called The calmer classrooms program.

This program looks for ways to make classrooms better places for kids to spend time in. They say it’s really important that classrooms are positive places, especially given the rise in anxiety that children are experiencing. This important program is on board with classroom plants. What a great bunch they are.

It’s because plants can make such a huge difference to an indoor environment.

First off, they’re cool – that’s high on a kid’s wish list – but more importantly, they create calmer classes with positive effects on learning.

That research we mentioned earlier indicates that growing plants in a school leads to:

  • Lower levels of anxiety

  • Improved well-being

  • Better attentiveness

  • Better attendance

How great is it that simple plants can make so much difference to a kid’s school experience?

The average class size in Australia is around 23-24 kids and all those kids spend six to seven hours a day five days a week sitting in the classroom. If it’s a beige and uninspiring space they’re sitting in for so long, they’re going to struggle to pay attention and learn.

Growing minds need growing plants! It’s green mindfulness in the classroom. Feeling good from plant interaction is human nature and biophilic design at its best.

Air Purifiers In The Classroom

Alongside their calming and anxiety soothing effects, another great benefit of growing plants in a classroom is their air purifying superpower.

Nasa research has found that leafy green plants draw carbon dioxide, and carcinogens called volatile organic compounds, from our indoor air and release oxygen in return.

It’s just what you need in an environment that probably has old carpets and paint in need of replacement.

Plants Are As Easy As ABC

There are plenty of educational benefits to growing plants in a school too. The plant lifecycle is a curriculum staple, and caring for plants teaches a sense of responsibility to kids from an early age.

Empathy, a caring nature, and green fingers are all traits we’re going to need if we want to save the environment. In the future kids will need to know why plants are important and how to care for them.

What better place to start than their own classrooms.

Sounds Like Classrooms Need Plants!

Cash-strapped innovative schools that want to fill their classrooms with healthy, mindful plants have asked parents to send their child to school with a plant to look after. Others have organised fundraisers to pay for classroom plant packs, and some teachers are so convinced by the idea of growing plants in the classroom they’ve paid for them out of their own pockets!

If you’re a teacher searching out no fuss easy plants in the classroom, or a parent who’s thinking ‘What a great idea, I’ll speak to the Head’ we can help you.

In fact, we already have a classroom pack of plants. We’ve called it ‘Smarty Plants’ – see what we did there?

Our green babes are all easy plants to grow in a classroom because they’re tough, cope with lower light conditions, and don’t need watering all the time. You can pick the plants you want from our plant plan list to suit your school’s set up. Choose from 30 to 100 mature tubestock babes that children will love to grow - because it’s no fun if the plant is already full-sized.

Not only will kids feel less anxious around all your greenery, but they’ll also learn loads watching these babes put out new leaves, roots, and flowers under their care.

Get Some Back-Up

We know teachers are some of the most overworked folk out there, so if you need extra help invest in self-watering pots or sustee watering checkers to help you out. Kids can learn some science from them too - there are no drawbacks to greener classrooms!

Here at PIAB we think there’s no place more in need of greenery than our schools. Our generation of babes needs green babe support. Let’s try to fit them together and make school life a calmer, less anxious place for our little ones.


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