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Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming. This sentiment sends a chill down the spine for any Game of Thrones fan. There is, however, some good to look forward to as the temperatures plummet and the winter landscape takes shape.

Unlike gardeners in the Northern Hemisphere who have the time off to curl up by a fire with a good gardening book and plan the season ahead; in Australia, there is plenty happening thanks to our mild winter climate.

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It’s hard to think of winter as a time for magical surprise and fragrance, but there are a few good examples where flowers are subtle in their show and use their perfume to compete. Hellebores, Sweetpea, Rhodanthe and Woodland Cyclamen can liven up bare spaces and reward with sweetly scented cut flowers.

The “Queen of winter flowers” is undoubtedly the exotic genus of Camellias. They’re an easy-care evergreen and highly adaptable to a wide range of conditions. When the rest of the garden has nothing much to offer, you can rely on the prolific camellia blooms in shades of white through to scarlet to lift the mid-winter gloom. Sasanqua has an informal growth habit and a delicate flower, but it drops petals on a daily basis. Japonica and Reticulata both grow into small trees and if you don’t have space in your garden they also make winning pot plants on your balcony.

Camellia | Winter | Buy Australian Plants Online

Most species of Bougainvillea love the cooler months and will show off their flowering display of bright, vibrant colours that will be sure to light up even the coldest, dullest of days.

The beauty of Bougainvillea is that it is hardy and thrives on neglect. They are also very versatile you will see them used as a hedge, a bonsai, in a pot, throwing pleasing colours on a white wall and cascading over an arbor. The Bougainvillea is guaranteed to provide you with beautiful flowers that make others pale insignificance.


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Hardenbergia violacea

also known as the false sarsaparilla plant is a native climber that produces graceful chains of lilac/purple flowers. The plant looks great covering an ugly retaining wall or used as a fast-growing, sprawling groundcover. If you are after a hedge that adds some colour and fragrance to the garden?

During the winter months look no further than the Viburnum tinus. This shrub produces tiny masses of white and pink flowers from Winter through to Spring. So you can still block out those pesky neighbours and get rewarded with flowers.

If it is too cold for you to go outside and enjoy your garden why not create an indoor jungle! Some of the indoor plants' foliage are so intricate and amazing you won't miss flowers one bit. The assorted box of houseplants delivered to your door is sure to please anyone.

 So Remember that the cooler months are not all doom and gloom for the garden so get out there and enjoy it! 

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