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Look at me...

Look at me...

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These strikingly shaped indoor plants are commonly called ‘Kris’ plants due to the classic wavy leaf margins that resemble Javanese knives.  These were the ones used to stab enemies and designed to inflict maximum damage. Fortunately the leaves of Alocasia are soft and yielding!

The most recognisable species of Alocasia is ‘amazonica’ which became the trendiest plant in the 1950’s. 

Amazonica would be seen everywhere but for the fact that it is not an easy plant to care for; get it wrong and you’ll be looking for easier plants in no time.  They look fab then drab in a flash. As winter approaches the plants shut down and look disappointing.

If you want to keep that conversation piece happy there are a few rules:-

  • Keep them in a well-lit position but not direct sunlight.
  • Watering- like Baby Bears porridge, not too wet, not too dry, just right. A little often like all good love.
  • Keep humidity up. These originate in the tropics so replicate where you can. Dry air spells disaster.
  • Killing with kindness happens often. A weak solution of seaweed solution regularly is the way to proceed rather than great lumps of fertiliser.
  • Keep it warm. 15 degrees C is your minimum. Pay attention to this as winter approaches.

So, this is a standout plant guaranteed to impress but will resent your inattention in a spectacular fashion.

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