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About Alocasia


The Alocasia began in the tropical rainforests, so why wouldn't the plant dig those warm damp conditions?  Here's the thing Alocasias: They like soil a little on the drier side, but require high humidity to prosper.

Light - I Love a Light position, but not in full sun otherwise my leaves will only burn.

Temps - I don't enjoy being cold so watch out for the cooler weather and I dig humidity (yep even in summer) so a humidifier is great if you have one. During the winter, Alocasias will go through a dormancy period and will require less frequent watering as the soil will take longer to dry.

Water me - Regularly give water at room temperature, don’t allow the soil to dry out. But don't overwater either. Alocasia enjoys a humidifier a session every now and then in the shower or pops me outside during summer rain.

Plant vitamins we like to call it - Give an organic plant food twice a month during the growing season but go easy otherwise, you'll only burn me.

Lastly, If your Alocasia gets yellowing leaves chances are it’s been too wet or too dry. Root rot can occur. Brown spots and brown leaf edges can often be caused by insufficient humidity and/or the potting soil is too dry. This can also cause the plant to droop.

Watch the watering!

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