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The Balcony Garden

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About The Balcony Garden

Learn to love small balcony spaces. Ok, we are talking microclimates here. Small spaces. Containerised plantings.

Balcony gardens. Small spaces mean considered placement of pots. They can be against walls or in full view. Even up on raised platforms for added interest.

As with indoor plants, availability of essential elements is crucial, like water.

How much water is right? Because there are so many factors which influence water levels (aspect, latitude, wind, plant leaf size, soil porosity etc) you need to look for visual clues from the plant. When wilting happens or leaf colour subtly changes to more of a lime green colour, it's time to water! Fertilise with either slow release pellets either at the change of season or use seaweed emulsion once a month.

Plant choices may be either a range of succulents, tropical species, mini grasses and plants with an architectural habit or small growing palms for a more luxuriant look.