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Not everyone has a 600m2 block in the suburbs; some have acreage lots with long boundaries. Big blocks don’t necessarily mean privacy but often mean that you have to plant out those boundaries using lots of plants.

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You may be flash with cash to buy them all but a smarter way is to buy smaller starter plants and plant them closer together.
While smaller plants are like babies and in need of a watchful eye in the early stages, they do advance pretty quickly provided you prep the soil correctly.
Starter plants like those from Plants in a Box don’t need staking because they aren’t going to be top heavy and blow over. They won't need great big holes or massive volumes of water but enough to keep them well hydrated.
Buying plants in bulk save on all counts- plant cost, digging labour and time to water each day until established. We can post to your door that also means avoiding a trip to the big box.

We’ve done the sums over a hundred metre boundary. Consider that if you want a screen hedge, you would need, say, 100 plants by spacing them at 1m centres.

If you bought these in 200mm containers they would cost between $17 and 25 each. That’s $1700-$2500. Then there is the cost of transporting them home and placing them in position. Digging and planting in fair conditions would take 5 minutes/plant or just over 8 hours. Watering will take 10 seconds each and use 1.5lt ie fifteen minutes and 150lt.
When you buy starter plants in bulk the cost will be around $4-5 each, a saving of $1300 to $2000. There is no transport cost; we ship at no added cost. Planting time will be as little as and hour and a half for the complete line. And watering time/volume is a fraction of that to larger plants.

Yes, we are in complete agreement that larger plants look good straight away but our experience shows that starter plants catch up in short time. You need to be careful of the seasons when planting small stock by avoiding planting out in cold conditions and risking frost damage; dependant on species it may be preferable to wait until the weather warms.

Remember the key to good gardening is preparation! Better to make a $10 hole and use a $1 plant rather than the other way around.  Loosen up soil, add dolomite if soil is too acid, provide organic material, use mulch and keep soil moist. The four M’s…mulch, microbes, minerals and moisture! Hard to fail observing those elements.

See, we just saved you a thousand dollars!


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