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Mini white pot + Succulent

Mature tubestock, premium and ready to plant!

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Brussels White Mini Pot  + Succulent Pack

Check out our ideal mini pot by Elho - "The Brussels Mini". It’s new to our hood and perfect for the corporate gift or housewarming congrats you were chasing.

It’s something small, but something that’ll have them saying "aw shucks, why thanks"

So what comes in the pack?

1 x Warm White Mini Pot (a sleeve no drainage hole)
1 x Succulent - Choose from:
 Echeveria Black Prince – go goth with this dark ruby gent 
Or please leave your notes as to which succulent you would prefer.
1 x Soil mix - see video how-to guide.
*no soil included please take nursery pot in and out of the pot to water - fits sleeve snug.

These succulents prefer light watering and a sunny position in indirect light around the home. Outside, a bench or table in the sun is perfect. Watch below how to pot up your new mini succulent planter.

  • Add your bag of charcoal mix to the base of your pot and fill approx 3cm high then apply the landscaping fabric on top. This directs water away from the roots of the plant. Most plants don’t like waterlogged soil as the roots are susceptible to rot, fungus and bacteria, so it’s vital that you provide decent drainage. Your succulents will only require light watering, less is more for these guys.
  • If your planter holds approx 1cup of soil you will only need 1/2 a cup of water

    Our premium quality Elho pots are:

    • Lightweight
    • Strong and resilient 
    • Made from 100% Wind energy
    • Made from recycled materials
    • 100% Recyclable 
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