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About Murrayas


Murrayas are dense shrubs growing to around 3metres tall, well furnished with glossy dark green leaves and produce masses of heavily perfumed white flowers from late winter to late spring.

They make excellent hedges for privacy and to screen out the neighbours. “I’m just going to make a perfumed hedge for us both to enjoy” as you keep the little pests on their side of the fence.

Provided that you keep your Murrayas well trimmed (a five-minute job and you love to use that hedge trimmer, right?) it’s likely that fruit production and seed dispersal will be kept to a minimum. We have rarely seen Murrayas as uncontrolled weeds in the suburbs (once in the last thirty years perhaps?)

If a hedge of 3m height is a little large, go for the dwarf variety, Murraya “Min- a –min’.Here is a really compact bush growing to 1-1.5m in height but so dense you think that you could sit on it. This cultivar can be kept down to as little as 1 metre high and is useful to define boundaries, used as the second tier in your layered plant arrangement or as sculpted feature plants, the ‘conversation’ pieces.

Lastly, let's talk yellow leaves and Murrayas. We talked in a previous post about lemon trees and yellow leaves so take a look at that. You need to make sure your pH is slightly acid (kits for sale here also) and that the plants are not too wet or dry. If those three things are right, simply add Magnesium sulphate to manufacturer’s instructions plus an organic source of nitrogen (blood and bone meal/ ‘Organic Life’) at 1 handful/m2. Water in well and stand back.

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