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The urban garden

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About The urban garden

The modern urban garden comes crashing in with ideas making your head swirl and thinking ‘why not’?

Contemporary ideas include vertical gardens, vertical lawns, vegetable plots, hydroponic gardens, outdoor entertainment spaces, ultra minimalistic designs, bold 
colours and finishes.

Design impetus comes from diminishing plot sizes, the extension of indoor spaces to outdoors and availability of differing materials.

The space for playing cricket in the backyard has long gone and lemon trees now consigned to pots. Decks are in. Grass is out. Synthetic grass is looking better.

Zoysia mounds abound. Walls painted in Brazilian colours of orange and pink are trendy. Plants shaped to millimeter precision command your attention.

Lines of sight are important, the eye is drawn to a feature. Lines may be rectangular, angular or curvilinear.

Plant types are those able to be hedged, espaliered (pruned hard to walls), undercut, to reveal branch architecture or have dramatic form.