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About Grevillea


The grevillea has to be one of the all-time fave spreading shrubs in Australian gardens.

The Grevillea flower display comes in a range of shapes and sizes (from prostrate plants and small shrubs to large trees) make them the perfect plant.

The flower clusters generally take one of three forms: toothbrush (with all the racemes on one side), spider (racemes spread out like spider’s legs), or brush (more even arrangement).

Flower colours come in a variety of reds, pinks, orange or yellow and some will even flower all year round.

Grevilleas attract honey-eating birds to carry out pollination.

Grevilleas take their name from the renowned botanist and founder of the Royal Horticultural Society, Charles Greville (1749-1809).

They are closely related to Banksia and being native to Australia they are pretty hardy.


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