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Pet Friendly Houseplants

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About Pet Friendly Houseplants

Keep your furry friends safe with our pet-friendly Indoor plants

Whilst you may know it's best not to munch on your Indoor plants your pets and little ones may not! And some plants are very toxic indeed.

Don't go dropping your lip just yet, there are a variety of non-toxic houseplants that will be ideal to display around your home. It's just great to acknowledge that certain indoor plants can be harmful to children and animals.

So here's the collection that yes still is an Indoor plant and yes still is trendy and yes will play the role of air-purifying so well. For a pack that is selected for you click to shop the furry friends' pack - as seen on Sunrise.

*To the best of our knowledge these plants are non-toxic to cats & dogs

Please note some plants are declared non-poisonous but individuals and animals may be more sensitive or react differently. Children can choke on any plants.