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Peperomia caperata Rosso

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Peperomia Caperata Rosso

Many of the Peperomia plants have been in our houses since forever, but Rosso is a newer introduction.

He’s pretty unique with ruffled green foliage that has a bright rouged underside. Small cream-white flowers can appear if you treat him well. Rosso is going to fit right in on your bookshelf or coffee table with his glowing red leaves. He looks great everywhere but particularly suits a warm theme. 

Pilea houseplants are one of the easiest to care for. They enjoy living indoors but can manage outside as an understory plant too if it’s warm. Rosso stays small for a long time so he won’t outgrow the space.

The biggest killer of houseplants is over-watering so you’ll need to leave Rosso until he’s dry. Stick your finger in the potting mix and if it’s moist, leave him alone. If it’s dry down to a few centimetres then a drink is in order. Make sure you tip the left-over water from the pot so he doesn’t rot.

If you need some more help read our guide to houseplants and become an expert in minutes.

Quick Facts
  • What to use me for I’m a colourful and textured indoor plant and a great addition to a terrarium too.

  • I grow to:  I’ll only reach 30cms x 20cms.

  • I am currently: A baby Rosso at 10cms.

  • Where to place me:  I like partial shade in the garden and indirect light if I’m a houseplant.

  • How far to space me:  I’ll need about 20cms of space.

  • Soil Conditions: Fertile, well-drained potting compost is important. I hate too much water so please neglect me a bit. 

Our plants are beautifully grown and mature in size with developed root's and guaranteed sun hardened. These plants can be inserted straight into the ground and make an excellent garden plant.

We carefully package your plants into a custom size box to ensure safe transport and a healthy plant delivered to your door.

Please take care when choosing your plants. Some plants are poisonous and individuals may be more sensitive or react differently

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Our growing philosophy isn't rocket science. We simply hold our plants back longer, which means the root systems can establish. That means a better plant for you that's ground ready, achieving faster grow times.

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