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Pilea Baby + Pot

Mature tubestock, premium and ready to plant!

pet friendly


Hit me up with a Pilea and a Pot please!

  • Pilea Baby + 1 Pot Self Watering 

Popular for its pancake-shaped, circle-like leaves and easy care, Pilea Peperomioides is a great choice for anyone, whether you're the beginner or experienced plant peeps, looking to add a little green edit to their space or show off your designer plant! 

The Pilea grows well when kept slightly moist but does not enjoy wet feet (left sitting in water) As with all plants, the amount of water your Pilea needs depends on the amount of light it's receiving. You can start with once a week based on the conditions in your home and the condition of the soil. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to water yet, sticking your finger into the soil can help figure out what to do; the soil should have dried out a little but not entirely. If it’s bone dry or soaking wet, adjust your watering schedule accordingly!

Peperomioides are also responsive to the sun and such a fast grower, it has a tendency to send all its leaves in one direction. Some feel the need to rotate the plant 2-3 times a week to avoid a slanted stem. 

Quick Facts

  • Easy Care
  • Indirect sunlight
  • Free draining soil
  • Keep lightly moist
  • Doesn't like wet feet
  • A premium potting mix 
  • Please note plant size guide is currently at 10-15cm and in a 70mm pot.

She likes to be called "Pilea Baby" and boy is she hot right now! 

Please take care when choosing your plants. Some plants are poisonous and individuals may be more sensitive or react differently

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Our growing philosophy isn't rocket science. We simply hold our plants back longer, which means the root systems can establish. That means a better plant for you that's ground ready, achieving faster grow times.

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