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Known to just about everyone, Philodendrons have been a very popular choice for almost as long as we can remember. Philodendron is popular because he purifies the air and he is certainly not difficult to care for.

Some popular species such as Philodendron Xanadu look fantastic in outdoor gardens but can also grow well in pots when brought indoors.

Another fantastic choice for inside the home is the Heart Leaf Philodendron hederaceum (sometimes called the Sweetheart Vine). We offer the Heart Leaf Philodendron for sale as plant only or with a pot option. 

Watering & Sunlight Preferences

He doesn't mind if he misses a drink here and there and doesn't need a lot of light. In short, the pick of the crop for big impact plant with low maintenance.

They function well with less light in the shade and requires absolutely no direct sunlight. Be sure to keep away from too much burning sunlight for happier plants.

Water well and always allow the soil to remain moist, but not soggy. In winter the soil should be dry for a week. So you can cut back on the watering in the cooler months.

Feed with a liquid fertiliser every 1-2 weeks during the growing season only.

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