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Philodendron Goeldii

Mature tubestock, premium and ready to plant!


Philodendron Goeldii is similar to climbing philodendrons. Check out those long-fingered singular leaves that grow upwards in a spiral.

The leaf starts out whole and then begins to split as the plant ages. He can look good as a small potted plant but he really comes to life as a bigger plant when he shows you how he can climb, this is when you get to see the leaf split.

If you know someone who likes an indoor plant, this is a great gift for their collection – if you can bear to part with one.

Philodendrons are popular houseplants because they don’t need much care and enjoy lower light levels. Goeldii will purify your air, bring shape, colour and texture to every room in the house. We love him.

Look after Philodendrons by watering only when their free-draining potting mix is dry on top and wiping the leaves over now and then. This removes dust so the light can keep 'em healthy.

Read our guide to indoor plant care here – it’s simple stuff.

Quick Facts:

  • What to use me for: grow me like a tropical plant that requires little care indoors or out. I really start to shine once I'm bigger and my leaves split. 
  • I grow to: I’ll reach 1.5 metres in height and about a metre across
  • Where to place me: I grow well on patios and indoor containers just so long as I’m away from direct sunlight.
  • How far to space me: Give me a metre of elbow room
  • Soil Conditions: I enjoy well-drained but moist, rich and organic soil mix.  Wet, mucky or dry, sandy soils are bad for me.
    Our plants are beautifully grown, mature tube stock with well-developed roots. They are guaranteed sun-hardened, can be planted directly into the ground and are excellent performers for your garden.

    We carefully package your plants into a customised box to ensure safe transport, healthy plants and delivery to your door

    Please take care when choosing your plants. Some plants are poisonous and individuals may be more sensitive or react differently

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    Ready to grow

    Our growing philosophy isn't rocket science. We simply hold our plants back longer, which means the root systems can establish. That means a better plant for you that's ground ready, achieving faster grow times.

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