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Philodendron Xanadu - Big Babes

Mature tubestock, premium and ready to plant!


Philodendron Xanadu

Originating from Brazil Xanadu (that’s zanna-do) is an evergreen shrub that will grow equally well in a pot or in the ground. It enjoys a warm garden and likes the indoor life if you have a sunny windowsill away from direct burning light.

The medium-size indented leaves are glossy green with a roughly textured brown trunk that gives a great tropical look. Leaves may grow from 30-40cm long and eventually form a lush dome of glossy incised foliage.

Xanadu needs watering regularly in the summertime but not really during the winter unless it’s dry outside. For the best growth, plant him in light shade to partially sunny spots.

If you’re planning to bring Xanadu indoors, and he does look amazing inside, you’ll need to put him in a well-drained potting mix and only give him a drink when the soil is dry.

Push your finger into the soil before watering. If it’s dry down to a few centimetres then it’s time to water, if it’s still moist then leave him alone. If you’re nervous about indoor plants take a look at our easy-care guide to indoor plants.

Please note these are 85mm pots so you will receive three plants in our custom designed box.

Quick Facts

  • What to use me for:  I’m a glossy, textured indoor plant but I can also grow outside as a border. Wherever you put me I bring the tropical feels.

  • I grow to:   I’ll reach heights of a metre by two metres in the right spot. Indoors I’ll reach around 40cms.

  • I am currently: A baby at 20-25cms tall.

  • Where to place me: I like a partially sunny, lightly-shaded spot outside. If I’m indoors give me light - but not direct unfiltered sunshine because that will burn my foliage.

  • How far to space me:  I’ll need about 30cms indoors and up to 100cms outside.

  • Soil Conditions: I like well-drained soil because soggy conditions will rot my roots.

Beautifully grown and mature in size with developed roots and guaranteed sun hardened. These plants can be inserted straight into the ground and make an excellent garden plant.

We carefully package your plants into a custom size box to ensure safe transport and a healthy plant delivered to your door.

Please take care when choosing your plants. Some plants are poisonous and individuals may be more sensitive or react differently

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Our growing philosophy isn't rocket science. We simply hold our plants back longer, which means the root systems can establish. That means a better plant for you that's ground ready, achieving faster grow times.

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