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About Assorted Indoor Packs

Plants are pure magic. They can boost productivity, purify the air, act as a natural humidifier, help you look good by reducing dry skin, reduce stress, promote good mental health, increase creativity and reduce noise. Like the sound of that?

We have teamed up with Plant Life Balance app which allows people to optimise the use of plants within their homes all within three simple steps:

  1. Rate your space - Find out how healthy your space is making you.

  2. Style your space - Photograph your room. Drag and drop some plants in.

  3. Get the look that's right for you - We've styled looks that you can purchase from us and we will send them straight to your front door. Whether you're chasing a more child-friendly pack because your little ones have inquisitive hands, your furry friend tends to eat all your plants or your home is screaming out for an air purifying pack that will lessen the toxins in your air.

Download the app today