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Plants for Narrow Gardens

About Plants for Narrow Gardens

Plants for Narrow Gardens

Eek, not much space left for a garden but want a bit of privacy from your neighbours? Do not fret we have plenty of garden solutions online. We even wrote a little blog about it to give you some more ideas and designer tips.

Using the vertical space is the best option - climbers like jasmine and espalier trees will cover the fence and help soften your space.

Avoid overstuffing your narrow space with lots of different plant varieties to avoid a confusing patchwork of plants. Simple is always best.

For shady spots, an assortment of ferns is perfect for greening up the soil. If your border is at the base of a wall or fence, the soil may well be dry. For dry shaded areas try the Asplenium fern.

Check out some of our favourite plants to grow in thin, narrow borders & narrow spaces.

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