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About Pool Side Plants

So, can I plant successfully around a pool? Sure can, with limitations…

Poolside plantings, think about the maintenance issues- do the plants have small leaves which continually drop and clog the filter? Are the plants deciduous, losing all leaves in Autumn? Will the larger plants have destructive roots?

Melaleucas, Ficus and bamboos should not be planted near pools. Palms may damage piping, pool coping and even the shell if insufficient room is provided for trunk and root expansion.

Here are our plant choices for different landscape styles-

  • Tropical style - Strelitzia nicolai,  Strelitzia reginae, CrotonCordyline species, Philodendron xanadu, Liriope, Ixora spp, Raphis, Rhoeo, Carissa Desert Star and Ficus Green Island (shrub).
  • Native style- Westringea, Backhousia myrtifolia, Breynia, Babingtonia, Lomandra spp, Syzygium
  • Formal – Acmena Allyn MagicAgapanthus, Buxus, Camellia, Carissa Desert Star Cuphea, Euonymus, Gardenia, Loropetalum, Murraya, Michellia, Photinia, Star Jasmine, Syzygium species
  • Succulent – all of them provided always that the drainage is excellent. Provide intercept drains, mound with sandy soils and allow them to dry out regularly.

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