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Screening Plants

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About Screening Plants

Screening Plants

Any plant can be used as a screening plant within certain parameters, those being mature height, plant form and speed of growth.

A screening plant is used to provide privacy or to screen out an undesirable view.  Generally a suitable screen height is eye level (from 1.5 to 2m high) but where a neighbouring second storey window is an issue, then a 4m high screen is best.

Plant selection for suitability as a screen plant depends on desired height of screen, how fine is the branch architecture and plant species width. Lilly Pillies can be used as dense screens from 2m to 5m high. In tropical locations, Giant Strelitzia may be used where space permits.

Given that plants may be almost as wide as they are tall, plant width should be considered and the requirement for occasional hedging.

Ideal plants for screens are those that have a tight form (small internodal length) so that when pruned, large voids are not created.