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About Succulents


Because we are all suckers for succulents... Succulents come in all types, shapes and colours.

These guys like lots of sunshine making them ideal for those areas where other plants might need lots of watering. Some can even be grown Indoors, actually cope quite well indoors provided the area is well-lit.

The trick to growing succulents is simple if in doubt don't water. They like consistency a nice even stream of water applied over time.

A succulents environment is dry with very little rain, once the rain arrives (sometimes weeks, months later) the succulent knows he must grow. He is then left to dry off for the next few weeks before he will see rain again. The cycle of a succulent is to grow when it rains and left to rest dry while he waits for the rains to return, in an orderly manner. Not to grow, grow, grow then dry, grow, dry. It's all too confusing for such a little succulent baby.

Once every couple of weeks is generally sufficient during the warmer months. Over winter they don’t really need water at all. If you’re unsure, it’s best to hold off rather than water and check that the soil is dry between waterings. Too much moisture and your succulents will only rot.

We recommend planting in well-drained soil and preferably using an organic free draining succulent potting mix.

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