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Sustee 'Watering checker'

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About Sustee 'Watering checker'

Sustee 'Watering checker.'

The NEW Sustee ‘watering checker’ has landed in Australia and this clever little device can tell you when to water your plant and when not to? It's a houseplant lovers dream!

Houseplant watering indicators - the biggest killer of houseplants


Sustee’s patented technology measures the relation between soil moisture suction and soil moisture content, using the soil moisture retention (pF) curve. Like a plant, it absorbs water from the soil and allows it to evaporate through transpiration holes near the display window.

The Sustee will simply turn blue once hydrated and turn back to white when your plant requires a drink. It's really that simple, your children can help learn how to care for houseplants along with you.

Here at Plants in a Box, we are very excited to launch an award-winning device into Australia. Watering your houseplants has never been easier.