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About Best plants for Brisbane

Living, working and playing in this city is all about the outdoors. 

The Brisbane region is a blending of tropical and temperate climates so we get the best of both planting palettes. It's possible to use plants that are commonly found in both Melbourne and Cairns. If you are lucky enough to call Brisbane home you can grow the riotously lurid tropical foliage plants or dignified cold climate plants.

With 280 days of sunshine in a year get out there and start making your garden! 

Brisbane has a mild sub-tropical climate with warm to hot weather most of the year.

Maximum temps hover around 30 degrees C but the gauge has got to 43 degrees!

Highest rainfall is in summer when thunderstorms and occasional floods occur.

Some areas have received 300mm in a 24 hour period but it's more like 100mm for the year. Rains make for humid conditions, spelling the end for dry climate plants.

Winter is the kindest time for southern Queenslanders when the temperature is mild (18 degrees C daytime, 12 degrees C night-time) and the skies clear.

Gardening in Brisbane is generally easy. Soils are a mixed bag but with some preparation (aeration through ripping), an addition of humus material in sandy soils and sand in clay soils, pH adjustment (generally a handful of Maglime fines/m2) and organic sources of fertiliser, gardeners get good results. 

We are asked 'when is the best time to plant'? and we answer 'When you feel like it!' There is no holding back until Winter is gone unless of courseyou are in a cold pocket. Spring comes the last week of August after tempting us from the middle of that month. And then we are off!