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About The best plants for Sydney

Sydney's climate is described as temperate, some pockets are almost semi-tropical

And characterised by warm Summers and mild Winters. This is due to the buffering effect of the ocean nearby.

The further you migrate away from the coast, the more extremes of weather are experienced.  The coldest month is July, averaging 8 to 16 degrees, while the hottest month is January where the temperature sits between 19 and 26 degrees. Rain falls right through the year. Expect to get 138 rainy days a year totalling about 1200mm.

Gardening is an almost year-round activity which makes shopping for plants online a breeze. When you come back to Australia after being overseas you will instantly notice the landscape style; it's informal and relaxed with strong use of native plant species and natural elements like rocks, gravel, and timber. Plants are grouped to mimic the randomness of nature. Common species are Grevillea, Callistemon, Eucalyptus, Westringea, Lomandra and Grass trees.

More formal gardens include Camellia, Gardenia, Azalea ,and Buxus which all lend themselves to shaping and definition. 
Whichever way you go, Sydney is a great place to garden; the soil, temperature and rainfall all contribute to successful gardens.