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About Westringia


The westringia are highly versatile Australian natives that suit a wide variety of uses ranging from expansive groundcover, to colourful formal hedges, box gardens, retaining walls or simply as a visually appealing shrub.

Westringia will retain a healthy bushy appearance for many years without developing that woody appearance that can spoil some groundcover plants.

They are a fast-growing plant with dainty mauve, blue-purple or white flowers with. 

The popular Westringia owes its common names, ‘native rosemary’ or ‘coastal rosemary’, more to the shape of its leaves than any distinctive aroma. The leaves are often covered with an attractive contrasting grey or white velvety sheen.

Westringia usually flowers prolifically, often throughout the year, and respond very well to pruning.

The flowers of the westringia are super attractive for birds and bees and that’s a great bonus for the overall wellbeing of your garden.

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