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Acronychia imperforata Vista S

Mature tubestock, premium and ready to plant!

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Acronychia Imperforata Vista S is a native hardy shrub that can be grown just about anywhere in any soils. It will tolerate coastal conditions, windy areas and drought without flinching. 

This is one of the most versatile flowering shrubs around. It has glossy green foliage and beautiful clusters of cream flowers in the warmer months. Pollinators love the little blooms and birds appreciate its mature yellow fruits.

If you’re a chef, turn these little tart fruits into jams and jellies but if not, just leave them for the wildlife.

The tough and pretty Acronychia Imperforata is one of our ‘no-maintenance’ plants because once it’s established you don’t need to do a thing.

Quick Facts: 

  • What to use me for: I fit in anywhere. Coastal gardens, drought-prone areas, a sheltering hedge against the wind, and wildlife gardens. Prune me into a specimen tree or leave me as low maintenance mass planting.

  • I grow to: I’ll reach five metres tall by a metre wide

  • Where to place me: I like full sun to partial shade

  • How far to space me:  Give me a metre all around

  • Soil Conditions: Pretty much anything. I’m self-reliant and don’t need much water once established.

    Our plants are beautifully grown, mature tube stock with well-developed roots. They are guaranteed sun-hardened, can be planted directly into the ground and are excellent performers for your garden.

    We carefully package your plants into a customised box to ensure safe transport, healthy plants and delivery to your door

    Please take care when choosing your plants. Some plants are poisonous and individuals may be more sensitive or react differently

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    Ready to grow

    Our growing philosophy isn't rocket science. We simply hold our plants back longer, which means the root systems can establish. That means a better plant for you that's ground ready, achieving faster grow times.

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    If you are planting a straight line hedge, put your width as less than one meter.

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