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Baloskion tetraphyllum


Baloskion tetraphyllum is also known as Restio tetraphyllusis or Tassel Cord Rush. It is a hardy native rush like plant that forms dense feather like clumps. This plant produces bronze flowering stems in summer and looks beautiful as a cut flower in a vase or even in a bouquet. 

Quick Facts: 

  • What to use me for: Rain gardens, around ponds and water features 

  • I grow to: .5m - 1.5m high, .5m - 1.5m wide  

  • Where to place me: Full shade, full sun or anything in between 

  • My features: I am hardy and suitable for coastal conditions, I can tolerate light frosts and boggy soils. 

Our plants are beautifully grown, mature tube stock with well-developed roots. They are guaranteed sun-hardened, can be planted directly into the ground and are excellent performers for your garden.

We carefully package your plants into a customised box to ensure safe transport, healthy plants and delivery to your door.

Please take care when choosing your plants. Some plants are poisonous and individuals may be more sensitive or react differently

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