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Coconut coir mats

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Do your plants need soil protection?

Sometimes your plant's need some protection from little kiddy hands scooping up the soil, animals having a nibble or from nasty pests landing and laying in the potting mix!

Enter coconut coir mats. The coconut coir is a natural fibre made from, you guessed it, coconuts! (the husk to be exact). These mats are perfect to protect your little plant babies, and best of all they're  100 % recyclable and eco-friendly. 

They make great mulch for around plants, providing moisture-retention (to help keep the soil from drying out), weed control and help stop pests from landing and laying eggs in your soil. They're lightweight and porous, allowing for good aeration too! Not to mention, they just look good. What are you waiting for?!

Quick Facts: 

    • Indoor or outdoor use
    • 170mm in diameter, 5mm thick
    • 100% natural and renewable coconut fibre
    • Biodegradable and eco-friendly.
    • Insulation over winter, and cooler in summer
    • provides mulch that eventually breaks down over time.
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