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Dipladenia sanderi rosea

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Dipladenia Sanderi Rosea

Meet the multi-purpose babe - Dipladenia sanderi rosea 

This is a climbing beauty with a difference. When she’s grown in full sun her growth habit is compact and bushy like a small shrub, whereas in part-shade, she tends to climb.

Dipladenia sanderi rosea is an evergreen, perennial girl with bright green leaves and spectacularly prolific, large pink flowers that adorn her stems throughout the entire year. Yes, the whole year.

And the flowers?

They open deep pink, then fade to soft pink, creating a variety of pink shades at any one time. 

Try mass planting this gorgeous girl for a knock-out effect or go random with dotted outdoor tubs or hanging baskets. 

For all that you should expect to put in some work! But it’s not as much work as you’d think.

Rosea simply needs lots of nutrients to keep performing, so it’s best to dig in lots of organic matter and water her when it’s hot.

She doesn’t like frost much either, so look for a frost-free planting pocket and be prepared to cover with fleece if it gets really cold.

Quick Facts:

  • What to use me for: I’m a pretty trellis climber in shade, a bushy shrub in sun, a container specimen, and an unusual hanging basket feature.

  • I grow to: I’ll reach 2 metres in height

  • Where to place me: In full sun to part shade, and out of frost pockets

  • How far to space me: I need a metre of elbow room

  • Soil Conditions: I need lots of organic matter to keep growing and blooming. It’s hungry work looking this fabulous

  • How far apart should I space my plants? 

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