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Humata tyermanii - White Foot Fern


Humata Tyermanii - White Foot Fern

Humata tyermanii is also known as White Foot Fern because it grows cute little furry rabbit foot rhizomes over the edge of its pot. If you like your plants tactile and pretty this is a good choice - it’s impossible not to stroke those fuzzy feet.

The foliage of white foot fern is a rich texture green that ends in the traditional fern point.

You’ll also be pleased to hear it is ultra simple to grow.

It likes a bright spot away from direct burning sunlight with lots of humidity, so a bathroom or kitchen is ideal.

You can also plant her outside in a shady spot as understory bedding or in a hanging basket on the balcony. 

Water this fluffy lovely regularly, but don’t let her sit in a pool of rotting water.

Quick Facts: 

  • What to use me for: I love a well-drained container and a shady spot outside.
  • I grow to: I’ll reach 30-40cm high and around 60cm wide
  • Where to place me: Part shade to full shade in the garden, but a bright spot indoors that’s not in direct sunlight or I’ll crisp
  • How far to space me:  Give me 25cms of elbow room for a thick patch of ferns
  • Soil Conditions: I don’t mean to be a pain, but indoors I need well-drained potting mix so my roots don’t rot, but outside I need damp, moist soil to thrive.

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