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Neomarica gracilis 'Walking Iris'


Neomarica Gracilis 'Walking Iris' is an elegant strappy leaf plant that grows in a clump with long arching leaves and produces beautiful iris-like flowers in the summer.

The leaves are textured and green enough to look good even without the crowning flower, so Walking Iris makes a superb architectural spreading ground cover. She also looks great in a container on the deck and as a cut flower so you can see her pretty white and purple colours up close.

Might you be wondering about the name ‘Walking Iris’? Obviously it doesn’t go walking, instead, the name comes from her habit of growing plantlets in spent flower-heads and then dropping forward to root them into the soil below. This forms a new plant which carries on ‘walking’. Pretty amazing don’t you think? 

Walking Iris is low maintenance and tough, tolerating the cold weather and drought once established.

This is a great value 8 pack of Neomarica Gracilis Walking Iris.

Quick Facts

  • What to use me for I make an unusual ground cover and look pretty in pots on the patio.

  • I grow to:  I’ll reach 45-60 cm high

  • I am currently: A baby Iris learning to walk at 10-12cms

  • Where to place me:  I like shade and part shade.

  • How far to space me:  Give me 50cms of room so you can watch me walk.

  • Soil Conditions: I need good drainage, so no waterlogged or consistently boggy areas, please.

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