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Loropetalum chinense Bobz Red (dwarf)


Loropetalum Chinense Bobz Red (dwarf) is an extremely hardy evergreen dwarf shrub with burgundy oval-shaped foliage. In spring red and hot-pink, fringed flowers appear and cover the whole plant from compact tip to toe.

Loropetalum Chinense makes glorious flowering hedges and this dwarf version will only reach a metre or so high. It’s a perfect choice if you want to mark out separate areas of the garden such as seating areas or a garden path.

Bobz Red really prefers a sunny position to bring out his red tones, so he’s ideal for patio pots and planters. Move him around with the seasons for the best foliage and flowers.

Now here’s an idea - if you’re looking for a medium-sized flowering hedge take Bobz Red and team up with his twin Bobz White. This will create a WOW hedge of red and white blooms. What could be more stunning?

If you’re wondering about soils and hardiness don’t sweat it. Bobz Red will tolerate a wide range of soils and is very hardy indeed. It’s all good news.

Quick Facts: 

  • What to use me for: A flowering medium-sized hedge or as a patio pot plant to break up the bare poolside and deck.

  • I grow to: I’m a dwarf shrub so I’ll only reach 100cms by 100cms

  • Where to place me:  I really like sun worshipping so give me plenty of the hot stuff.

  • How far to space me:  As a hedge, I’ll need 70cms otherwise  1.5 metres, please.

  • Soil Conditions: I’m extremely tolerant so most non-waterlogged soils are fine by me.

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