Oxalis triangularis

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Oxalis triangularis false shamrock plant - a mouth full.

The striking purple-leafed, triangular, three-leaved, clover stands out amongst every other green indoor plant you may have ever purchased.

During spring and summer, you will see lots of small trumpet-shaped blooms sitting above her leaves.

Heard of the word photophilic? It means she opens her leaves and closes in response to light. At night she will fold down and then open when the sunrises. She will be the talk of the town. 

The Oxalis Triangularis is fairly low care plant. Place her in a filtered bright to medium light but away from harsh direct sunlight. 

Allow the soil to dry between watering, wait till the topsoil is dry approx 2 inches down before re-watering. Do not overwater the bulb as it will only rot. Water perhaps about once every 2 weeks and less in wintertime. 

Oxalis will NOT grow well in overly wet soil but they do like moist soils.

Does your pot have a drainage hole? This simple little hole makes the biggest difference when growing houseplants in pots so take note. Try to rotate your pot every 2 weeks to ensure the foliage grows evenly as they will follow the light. 

Oxalis can go dormant in the summer, OMG yes the summer suddenly (quite strange for plants), this can happen every 2-7 years, it may look like your Oxalis has dropped dead but don't go telling all the neighbours just yet. Cut back on the watering can and let the soil dry, move to a dark corner inside the home. In about 2-4 weeks you will see a new leaf emerge and then you can start to water again and move it back into a sunny spot. Phew, you just saved her!

Feed with a diluted liquid fertiliser during the growing season. Just no feeding when she goes dormant.

*Please note this a single plant 50mm nursery pot. 

    Quick Facts: 
    • What to use me for: I brighten a shelf, desk or windowsill. Actually I'm your most prized possession as this baby is your new-found treasure. Show me off because you have one!

    • Where to place me: I'd love bright indirect light, please. Just keep me away from direct sunlight it will only fry my leaves. I need light to keep my foliage beautiful.

    • Soil Conditions: I need a well-drained potting mix, with good aeration. Oxalis will NOT grow well in overly wet soil but we do like moist soils.

    • Watering: One of the worst things you can do with bulbs is over-water, which rots the bulb. Allowing the soil to begin to dry at the top is a good measurement of when to water again. Remember to stop watering if the plant becomes dormant.

    Learn how to care for your Indoor Plants read more via our blog page 'The quick start guide: Indoor plants'

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