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Peperomia caperata Lilian

Mature tubestock, premium and ready to plant!

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Peperomia Caperata Lilian

Let us introduce you to the understated and very popular Peperomia Caperata Lilian - you probably know her as the White Sticks Plant or the Radiator Plant.

Lillian has heart-shaped dark green foliage that grows in a compact mounded form. Her foliage is the main attraction because the leaves are all fleshy, wrinkled and oh-so-touchable, but you’ll certainly recognise the little white flowers that are held on top of red sticks. The flowers look 2D and quite pretty when you get up close.

This is the perfect low maintenance indoor plant. She can deal with lower light levels and little water. In fact, it’s best if you hold off with the watering can because the number one killer of pretty houseplants is too much drink.

Don’t be scared - read our guide to indoor plant care and Lillian will rest easy in your capable hands.

Quick Facts: 

  • What to use me for: I’m a pretty and tolerant indoor plant. I like a terrarium if that’s your thing.
  • I grow to:  I’ll reach a compact 25cms.

  • I am currently: 12cm approx

  • Where to place me: I need bright indirect light in the home or full shade outside. Allow potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.

  • How far to space me:  Give me 15-20cms of space

  • Soil Conditions: I need like good quality potting mix that stays on the dry side.

    Our plants are beautifully grown, mature tube stock with well-developed roots. They are guaranteed sun-hardened, can be planted directly into the ground and are excellent performers for your garden.

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    Please take care when choosing your plants. Some plants are poisonous and individuals may be more sensitive or react differently

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