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Westringia Wynyabbie Gem

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Westringia Wynyabbie Gem is a very hardy, compact native shrub that blooms with gorgeous lilac flowers for most of the year. It’s similar to its relative the Westringa Zena, but this one has purple toned flowers and gets a lot bigger. 

Wynabbie Gem is a hybrid of Westringia fruticosa and W. eremicola

Wynabbie Gem is great as a low growing hedge or an informal screen with its soft grey-green foliage. The bees love it’s almost constant flowers and because it’s so tough it’ll withstand coastal sprays and exposed sites too.

A bright and sunny spot suits this gem to the ground. It’ll flourish in a warm site with free-draining moist soil, although it’s pretty tolerant of most growing conditions.

It’s a great no hassle all-rounder that just makes life easier. 

Quick Facts

  • What to use me for: I make a spot-on medium hedge, attract the birds & the bees, love a coastal location.

  • I grow to:  I can get large - up to two metres high and wide unless you keep me trimmed after my flowers have faded.  

  • I am currently: 15-20cm and bushy

  • Where to place me:  In a sunny position.

  • How far to space me:  For tight hedging put me about 1 metre apart.

  • Soil Conditions: Free draining fertile soil in a sunny spot is perfect for me. I like a slow release fertiliser in Spring and some mulch around my roots too. You can leave me to it after around 12 weeks of watering.

  • My features: I’m a hardy drought, disease and salt resistant native shrub once established.  I have pretty little flowers that attract wildlife and keep my bushy foliage all year round.

Beautifully grown and mature in size with developed roots and guaranteed sun hardened. These plants can be inserted straight into the ground and make an excellent garden plant.

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