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People And Their Passion

People And Their Passion

Meet Helen Kleores she is a plant nerdy photographer and a newly found stationery creator.

We noticed Helen via her Instagram feed @helen_Kleores and she's been busy helping to #greenyourfeed. 

I had the pleasure of chatting to Helen about what tickles her fancy and how she too fell into the greener world of plants and became addicted to fresh flowers and live plants.


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"One of the things I love to do at home on a sunny day is to have all the windows open and tend to my indoor plants and flowers. My home is full of indoor plants and fresh flowers…always. They bring happiness into my home and make me feel connected.

My home is my studio, it’s where I do most of my photography and card design. There is a lovely light that filters in from the north facing windows and it fills my home with a brilliance. It brings out the detail in my plant subjects too. They love it!


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I’ve always loved nature, photography, and stationery. I started to bring my three loves together a couple of years ago, a collaboration that happened quite naturally and seamlessly, really. I started my card collection last year and it is growing. I now supply to 6 beautiful stores across Australia including Plants in a Box.

It’s such a pleasure following the process from plant to card. I have started to do prints as well, which is very exciting. Photography for me is about capturing the moments and the form, shape and beauty of plants.


Holidays snaps are a lot of fun, and it’s where my love of photography began really. One of my most interesting trips was to India. Incredibly intoxicating in all its colour, it’s where my ideas on the subject matter changed I think. I was so captivated by all the colour and luscious plant life.


I love hot climates. Summer is when I am mostly inspired by everything really but mostly the bright light, the sunshine, long days, the sea and plant life. I’m equally at home on the Mornington Peninsula amongst the tea trees, on holiday in the tropics amongst all the wonderful palms or in the backyard barefoot on the grass, sitting under a tree smelling freshly cut grass. My parents have a lemon tree in the center of their backyard and one of my favourite things to do in the summer time is to lie under it and look up at the leaves against the blue sky.


I always have fresh flowers at home. I have a large collection of plants in vases, all sizes! They line the dining room table, are clustered on bench tops or are just sitting pretty making a statement on their own. And I move them around quite frequently. That way I get to see how they look in a different light and position. I’m always preparing for my next photo shoot! I find beauty in plants that have begun to dry out too, in particular, anything native Australian, like banksias. They fade out and take on a new form which is really great to photograph, quite dramatic and eye catching.


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My work is about my surroundings, mostly my plants at home. I find inspiration from my immediate environment and neighborhood gardens. On my walks, my eyes are always darting about for something interesting to take back home to my ‘studio’".

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