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Plant of the Month: Pilea Peperomioides AKA Chinese Money Plant

Plant of the Month: Pilea Peperomioides AKA Chinese Money Plant

We wrote about the Pilea sometime last year - but the thing is we are still crushing hard on this plant. The Pilea has been an on-trend plant for a while now but strangely enough, they are still hard to find. Our actual babes in the plant nursery are looking mighty fine at the moment so we thought why not make it the plant of the month!

Botanical Name:

Pilea Peperomioides

Common Name:

Chinese money plant, missionary plant, UFO plant, pancake plant, lefse plant or plain old pilea. 


This babe is not native to Australia but hails from South China 


A well-draining cacti / succulent mix is perfect. Make sure your pot has drainage holes as they hate wet feet. 


Loves bright indirect light but can't handle direct sunlight. The stems grow towards the light so be sure to rotate the plant if you want even growth. 


This is kind of like a succulent, it can't handle constantly wet soil. Pop your finger into the soil and if it is dry give it a deep water and allow to dry between waterings. 


This is a show plant, it loves photographs and being the star of Instagram. It is a great, easy to care for houseplant that will reward you with little babies.  


 30 cm


30 cm

Current Size:

7-15 cm tall 

Growth Rate:

 If this baby has good conditions with lots of love it is reasonably fast growing  


The Pilea is low maintenance and relatively pest free

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