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1 x Houseplant + Self Watering 100% Recycled Pot

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Soft Round Recycled Self-Watering Planter + A Happy Plant 

What do you get in the box?
1 x Recycled 18 cm plastic pot  
1 x Recycled Self-Watering insert (water inside if you need - captures the water)
1 x Houseplant 

You will never show up without a plant again!

The pack makes a thoughtful and unexpected gift (one they will wanna keep) or you can just treat yourself - plants make people happy. 

The planter has a round, beautiful silhouette with a nice matte finish. Whether individually or in combination, this plant pot is a chic and modern eye-catcher comes in grey or white, made from recycled plastic. AND she comes with a self-watering insert to stop the overwatering pitfalls.

"When people succeed at growing this leads to more overall happiness."

The self-watering insert makes plant care easy. The insert is an easy watering system that makes sure your plant gets just the right amount of water at exactly the right time. The water meter on the device indicates when you need to fill it with water, and your plant will take care of itself for weeks to come. Like we said, super easy! 

Quick Facts on the pot:
  • Made of lightweight, durable, plastic that’s UV resistant, shatterproof and recyclable.
  • Made with 100% wind energy, and recycled materials
  • It’s round with a height of 16.8 cm  &  a diameter of 18.3 cm
  • Volume: 3.7 litres.
  • It is a sleeve so that it won't mark your surface!
  • Self-watering pot insert included for easy watering inside your home or office - no taking in and out to water.
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