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Calathea Louisae Freddy


Calathea louisae Freddy is a smaller growing Calathea with silver, slightly ruffled leaves and deep green striping, slightly curving, along the veins.  He is a beautiful easy to care for houseplant. 

Calathea are commonly called prayer plants because their leaves close at night. He prefers medium indirect light to dappled sun.

Quick Facts: 

  • What to use me for: my interesting foliage makes me great for pots, table tops, or a handsome office plant

  • My current height: 10cm tall (I am a bit smaller than shown in the photo, sorry! I am doing my best to grow) 
  • I grow to: 30cm high 
  • Where to place me: Light shade to full shade. Prefers medium indirect light to dappled sun.
  • How far to space me: 25cm

  • Soil conditions: Calatheas love to dry out a little. If growing me in a pot make sure it has a drainage hole and allow me to dry out a little between waterings
  • My features: Non toxic

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